Wednesday, July 28, 2010

aint never seen anything like it before....

Could someone help me please? First, I want to apologise for the poor quality of the picture. I don't have a state of the art camera, and I was trying to get close to it as I could.

This strange little critter I notice yesterday on the leaves of my green ash tree. As you can see, he wasn't all that very big. He might have been close to an inch. He had 'fake' eyes, that were yellow circles. We think they might have been designed to be 'decoys'

 In the picture to the left, that was his front. Just under his yellow 'lip' was his mouth. It look like the colour from the underside of a white mushroom.In the photo to the bottom left, he was eating the white 'cocoon' like substance. The cocoon stuff look like silk. Very thin and delicate looking. I went to see him today, but atlas, he is gone.                                  
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  1. Hey Ma,
    I think it's just a worm dude, I googled some bugs in northen Alberta and they are ash plant bug, borers, gall mites, and aphids and they don't look like your dude in the pic. Not sure what he is.

  2. Well, thanks for looking Cassierae. I have checked the whole tree-well far up as I could reach-and he isn't there. Sure would like to know what kind of critter he is.