Saturday, July 24, 2010


This evening, when I went to get Frank for supper (about 7 is)-he was out in the west field making hay not far from the house-we notice to the east, south-east, smoke just above the tree line. It looked like it was just over our land. Frank said no it is further south east than a mile. During supper we could hear airplanes flying over the house. It took me awhile to finally get a good shot of one of the water bombers.

It must have been a small forest fire (if there is such a thing) because it is forestry helicopters flying now, and we haven't seen any bombers for about 30 minutes. Young Frank, went for a drive to see if he could see where the fire might have been.
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  1. The fire must still be burning, another bomber just flew over the house. Boy they sure fly low!

  2. Hope the fire is a long ways off from you guys.

  3. About 30 minutes ago, I was out moving the sprinklers in the garden, and here comes another forestry helicopter flying northwest. About 10 minutes after that, here comes another bomber, flying south east towards where we seen the smoke last night.
    We haven't heard anything on the local radio, so that indicates to me that it isn't of any significant size to be reported.Which of course is a good thing! Hopefully forestry has it all under control.