Saturday, July 3, 2010

letting go

I think the hardest deed a parent has to do is to let go. Our baby girl, Madeline, has moved over 11 hours away. It is the beginning of many firsts for her. Her first job, first time away from us, ...than there will firsts that we will never know that she has experienced. We can only imagine. The hardest part for me was I couldn't get away from work to go help move into her first 'home away from home'. It was all left up to dad. Poor Frank, he isn't handling this very well. When he comes home tomorrow, he will be in desperate need of hug. For the next ten weeks will be hard on him. Ok, I will admit, it will also be hard on me also. The worrying. But we as parents have to believe that we raised our children to the best of our ability. That we gave them all the tools that they are going to need to succeed in life. That we trust them to make the right choices, decisions, and to be responsible. There will be bumps along the way, but such is the highway called life.

Take care.
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