Thursday, July 22, 2010

let me introduce you to....

Misty and Junior
I am sorry it took me way too long to get a picture of Misty and her baby on here. She had a bull calf, who I have dubbed Junior. I will eventually ring him, and in two years time he will be destine for the deep freeze. But in the meantime, he will enjoy his life running, jumping and eating all the grass that he can stomach!

I still haven't milked Misty. Scared to. I will let her play mama for awhile. When the time comes, and when we move the beef cows, I will move Misty and Junior closer to the barn and than I will be sitting at her side.

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  1. Awwwww, that is the sweetest picture. Junior is very interested in your picture taking, ♥ that look. I will never forget trying to milk a cow. I was about 7 or 8 years old, spending some time with my cousin on a farm. She was teaching me to milk. I could not get one drop...Lol. Gerry

  2. That is a cute story, Gerry. My dad moved us all onto a farm when I was a young child-loved it! We had friends from Calgary who came out for a visit. When it was time to do the evening milking, dad and all of us small kids went to the barn.
    My dad told the two little boys from the city, to pump the tail and the milk will come out. I remember my dad gesturing to me "shhh", as the little boys pumped away on our Holstein's tail. Meanwhile, my dad was beside her 'holding' the pail for the milk to flow into.
    When the milking was all done, and we all headed back up to the house those little boys were so excited that they milked the cow. The boys were probably around the age of 4-6 years of age. That is one of my favourite stories to tell to my grand kids when we are in the barn milking.
    I am trying to teach them also to milk-by pulling on the teats. The tail pumping won't work on them-they have been to the barn to much to be!
    Enjoy the day Gerry.

  3. The older couple across the road from us had cattle on their pasture each summer for years. I miss them. There's something about those faces that I just love. My kids think I'm nuts...but, then again, that's not new. ;-)

  4. Hey there is nothing nuts about loving cows! :) I give mine love-ins almost every day!