Friday, July 23, 2010

at the fix it shop!

So, yesterday, I thought, well the weather is good and the grass is long. When I get home I will get Johnny out and we will cut the grass. Well, Johnny had other plans. We had barely started and he decided 'Nope. I am taking today off.' Which he did. The p.t.o. just up and quit on me. So much for getting the grass cut!

Poor Frank. I greeted him on the steps when he got home around 7.30 ish, and told him my Johnny has an owie  and I would like him fixed so I can cut the grass. After Frank had his dinner, he got straight to work on my lawn mower. Even though he had hay to bale. Gotta love it when the hubby puts you first. :)

p.s.  I got the grass cut today!
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  1. cheers at the end you managed to cut the weed

  2. Yes all done, just took 3 hours. But in the days before the johnny-which has only been 2 summers now-it use takes us 3 days to cut with a push mower. Gotta love gas powered stuff!