Wednesday, July 7, 2010

have a seat

Well, I have been busy-not! I like Wednesday evenings. I turn my radio to my favourite station, CKUA and listen to music from by-gone days. In Alberta, we have a radio station that is 100% totally funded by the public. No commercials...that part is great. Also they play different genres that you will not hear on the top 40 stations. Plus with those stations you have to listen to irritating DJs with high pitched squeaky voices, and the gossip about the movie stars, crap TV updates---you know Survivor, American Idol and the such. And of course those darn commercials. On Wednesday nights at 6 pm MST, is 'The Old Disc Jockey'.. In the evenings Mon-Thur is classical music from 7-9 pm. Friday is the Celtic program 6-8 pm. If you are curious take a listen on the web at

For years I have wanted to either to purchase or build my own rustic/willow furniture. More so to build because that is how cheap I am. For years I have had the same day. Well, now here I am, cruising down hill into the late forties, and one day isn't going to arrive if I, myself, don't push it, to hurry up and arrive! I have bought books over the years, and borrowed books from the library, even a video. Well, about mid-June 'one day' arrived!! I screwed up the courage, bit the bullet and did it! I built my first rustic chair. The one in the photo isn't the one. If you can swing a hammer, hold a cordless drill- and change the bits, use a hand saw and pruners, you too can build your own rustic furniture! I sound like a used car salesman!! Oh and the most important part of rustic furniture building...have access to willow.

The books that I looked at are: 'A Bend in the Willows' by Paul Dolphin-(borrowed that one from the library), 'Making Bent Willow Furniture' by Brenda and Brian Cameron, 'Green Wood For the Garden' by Alan and Gill Bridgewater, 'Making Bentwood Trellises, Arbors, Gates and Fences' by Jim Long, Rustic Garden Projects' by Dawn King. The video was the best!!! I borrowed it from the library. Kim Elton is the man's name. I think the video is called 'KIMIK-Rustic Furniture Creations'.

I watched this video all the way first. He makes so easy. The next morning I watched it again. Gathered up a saw and pruners. I am very fortunate. I live on almost 900 acres which 600 of it is still in bush. But I jumped the fence and went into the bush near the house. Why? Because non of husband's gates are woman friendly. I can't open or close them without some assistance! One day, I am going to buy all steel gates. Anyways, for my first love seat I used poplar. Hey, it worked. Did a bit, came in and watched the video for the next stage, went back outside built, came in watched, etc until I was finished. I just haven't put linseed oil on it. My second one is all willow-hubby drove me to a spot where all the gates were opened and to a good spot for willows. In the photo is my second attempt.

But - yep there is always a but- I didn't do some important steps. That is, until I borrowed the book a Bend in the Willows. Pilots holes are necessary. I did do that- mostly. My drill bit kept falling out or breaking. Also, do not and I stress do not dry your chair in full sun for a few days. And it is very important to use 80% linseed oil and 20% turpentine on your chair right away. I waited well over a week. I also peeled my chair, which is fine, but it should have been in the shade the whole time. Does this deter me from building another chair? Hell no!! I am waiting for this weekend!

Don't wait for 'one day' just do it now!
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