Monday, August 16, 2010

Uncle Frank, Austin and Georgia.

I have had a busy past few days. Our grand-daughter, Austin, had been  visiting for the past three weeks and trust me, she was such a great pleasure to have her around. That kid is so funny! I will deeply miss her. We will not be seeing each other until next summer. It will be a very long year.

This past week, we went home to visit family for a few  days. We headed down to Banff on the 11th to visit   our baby girl, Madeline. She has been working there  as a trail guide. Austin's dad met us the there on the 14th to take her back to Kelowna. We made our way back to Drayton to spend the night at my sisters before heading home on Sunday.

It was an enjoyable visit. It is with mixed mixed feelings that we are back home. I enjoyed visiting and getting away from home and from work. However, I don't look forward to all the work that has piled up on me in the garden since I have been gone. There are more cucs, beans and peas that need picking. Yesterday, at my sisters', I went to grab the coffee pot, to make a pot of coffee, and I pinched a nerve in my neck. Trust me, it was no fun travelling for six hours with a gimped neck. I am hoping tomorrow, that it won't be as bad as today, and I can get those veggies into jars!

At the post office today, I had a hard time getting back into my routine. A lot of my customers missed me while I was away, and they all came in for a visit. This made the day fly by, but I was behind on my work. I never realised how much the community missed me. It makes a gal feel appreciated. Oh, just so you all know, my post office only consists of me. I am the only worker there. Gotta love it, no politics!
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