Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a week in review

Please, do not adjust your eyes!! This picture is not out of focus! That blurry white crap is actually big white snowflakes!!! That is right folks, I said snow! 
I am a little behind on my blogging, but hey what else is new? Ok enough of the sarcastic comments from the peanut gallery. Madeline took this shot last Wednesday when it started to snow. I started to cry :(  Thank the Lord above it didn't not stay. We had snow the long weekend in May and dammit it just seems unfair to have winter so darn early. BTW, we didn't have much of a summer either!!

My youngest child and only boy, Frank Jr turned eighteen on the 18th.

All the kids came home, with only three of the grandkids. Frank had a couple of friends over as well.

Cassierae, Frank, Madeline, and Jamielee
When the kids were born, the big guy went and bought a bottle of whiskey. Each one of those bottles stayed in storage until each kid turned 18. Frank Jr's bottle was Jim Bean. It was a four year old bottle when Frank purchased it. Now it is 22 years old. My kids started a tradition to purchase a shot glass when each one turned 18, and they would crack open the bottle and pour each one a shot and give a toast. And that is what they are doing here. 

Olivia, Cheyenne, and moi

I did get in some nana time with the two youngest grand-daughters. Cassierae's young fella, Ben (he is 16 months) isn't sure of me yet.

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