Friday, October 29, 2010

a late bloomer....

Well, this little mama was discovered about week in a half ago sitting on a nest of eggs. She made a nest under a piece of plywood leaning up against the hen house. Which is fine if it was May, and not October! We decided to leave her be. Even though the overnight temperature has gotten down to -10, she never left the nest. And we left her alone. We made a decision to leave her there. We have debating where to put her once her eggs started to hatch. Not to many buildings here that are insulated.

Yesterday the eggs started to hatch. So the decision was made that warmest and safest place for the new family would be my storage shed. So amongst the lawn chairs, Christmas decorations, garden ornaments, an old stereo not to mention all the other stuff that is in there,  Frank managed to  fixed a spot for the hen and her little brood.  He built her a nest, set up food, water and a heat lamp. We boiled a about a dozen eggs, because, lets face it, where can one purchase chick starter at this time of year? Once it got dark out last night the boys moved the hen, three chicks and the remaining unhatched eggs to their temporary new home.

This morning, when I went to check on her, and to feed the chicks a crumbled boiled egg, and dry bread crumbs, she managed to hatch another chick. That is four. I never got a chance to see how many eggs are left  to hatch. Frank and I figure, if they survive,  and make it past the stage when they fill out with  their feathers, they should be big enough to move into the hen house, for winter.
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