Wednesday, October 27, 2010

morning chores

I went to milk Annie this morning, what a waste of time. She had been sucked dry. There is one of two possibilities for this. First, that Jr, Misty's calf, is stealing milk or  second, Spook is back to sucking her mama. Madeline had put Spook and Miss Dolly back in with other Jerseys a few days ago. I don't know if the weaning period was long enough. It had been over a month when we seperated them. But my first guess would be Jr. So, no milk this morning.

Yesterday, with all the excitement happenin in the okay corral, I ended up with a few guests in with my Jersey girls. Rambo, was not suppose to stay behind. I didn't want him in with his ladies until December. But I am not going to try to convince him of that. I bought Rambo and his woollie women as bottle babies in April 2009. But when you are trying to teach children responsibilities, they think everything is play time- and yes my remaining kids at home are teenagers-so definitely everything is a game. Anyways, young Frank figured Rambo needed to learn how to head bunt, because if he was with other ram lambs he would do that. Right? Wrong! And besides Frank, Jr thought it was funny. Anyways, now Rambo thinks he needs to beat the shit out of everyone. So I guess Rambo stays. At least until January. Oh, the other guest is that beef cow in the background. But I aint chasing her out of the corral. The two Franks can do that tomorrow. And Rambo will probably go after young Frank again! I should have had my camera yesterday. Rambo nailed Frank from behind, knocked his legs out from under him..... I am grinning and snickering, 'cuz they didn't listen to me last year, every time he encouraged/egged on Rambo with the head bunting thing. 

After forking hay to my Jerseys and guests, fed 'n water the hens, and gathered the eggs. I hauled in an armful of wood. Did a load of laundry, put dishes away, and now contemplating if I really want to do housework. I probably will, just to kill time. My boys probably won't be home until early evening from Grande Prairie.
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