Saturday, October 30, 2010

Well it turns out the little hen end up hatching five little black chicks. So far they all seem like they are doing fine. I got a hold of my friend Marianne, to see if she had any chick starter and she didn't. So for now they will have to survive off of boiled eggs and bread crumbs.

Marianne and her daughter Kaitlyn came over this afternoon with their two ewes. Marianne doesn't have a ram, and I am okay with having her two girls here for the next two months.And I don't think Rambo really minds either. When I come out the house, Kaitlyn was telling me that  Marianne was in the back of the trailer trying to trim around their butts. I just told her if there is a will there is a way. Poor things never got sheared this past spring.

After showing them the hen 'n chicks, and checking out my Jerseys we came in the house for a pot of herbal tea. I had purchased a new tea-well new for me-by Celestial Seasonings Vanilla Hazelnut. It has a nice flavour, especially when you can share it with friends.

Last night I started falling asleep on the sofa just after 8pm. Frank kept telling me that it is to early for me to go to bed. I lasted until quarter to nine. That was it. I was done. I slept until 6.30 this morning. With that renewed charge of energy I had a fairly productive day. I did my chores this morning. Milking went great. I did laundry, dishes-several times, baked bread, made up my Amish cake, and used up some bananas that were past their prime, into cranberry banana muffins. Marianne said they tasted good. Hey I even got the farm books caught up to date. Including that dreadful GST!!

Kaitlyn noticed my crocheting sitting there, and she asked me what does hdc mean. I explain to her how to do the stitch  and she practiced it, while her mom and I talked tomatoes. I had a good day. Overall a pretty good day. And the temperature even got above 0 to 3 above. Most of that icky snow has melted. Life is good!
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