Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a normal day

Since I am not working anymore, I have been trying to get myself back on to some sort of schedule. You know, laundry done on... well lets say Monday. Right now it gets done when ever anyone is available to haul me water. Not to mention trying to get the regular house cleaning done. We will just call this work in progress.

Today I managed to get bread baked. Used up those bananas that were sitting on the counter top almost beyond their prime. Young Frank managed to eat a loaf of banana bread to himself. Me thinks I might be starving that teenager. I also made a batch of Fromage Blanc cheese. Made a few phone calls. Inquiries really. Trying to get my wool processed and if I have enough. I will probably wait until after next spring's shearing session to guarantee that I have enough poundage to make it worth mine and theirs. Worked on a few Christmas gifts that I am making. I guess it was a 'productive' day.
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  1. Can't believe frank ate a whole loaf!!!

  2. Madeline helped. But I have to admit the majority of the loaf Frank ate to himself.