Monday, November 15, 2010

yesterday's activities....

Yesterday, it started to sprinkle in the morning, and we figured we would have to put off  Ivomec-in' the cows for another day. But fortunately for us, it didn't rain past sun up. We manage to get the cows, the sheep and the heifers (that we are keeping for replacements) all done. The whole crew got another shot of  8-Way, and some vitamins. Done playing with the cows in the corrals until next spring.  And believe it or not, the hubby never yelled or swore at any of us. I know, totally amazing! We have a motto-What happens in the corral, stays in the corral. That includes the name calling, the 'pleasant' way certain members of the family have of telling each other to !@#$ off! It was actually nice yesterday. I would work a thousand head of cows, if it went as smoothly as it did yesterday. Yep!

We weaned Misty's calf, Jr (his other alias is One Nut). Madeline started milking her this morning. Gotta love that cow. She is giving about 4 gallons a milk a day. Can't wait to start making cheddar cheese again. Yum! Yum! We, I mean Maddie and I, have decided to dry up Annie.

Last Tuesday/Wednesday, Annie should have come into her cycle-which she didn't. She was behaving 'silly' on Monday. But Marianne told that she has to be standing, for the other cows to jump her. So now, I need to wait until December, and hopefully we can get her to come into her cycle so we can A.I. her. Also, Misty hasn't come into her cycle either. Which she should have done by now. Man I need a Gomer! Marianne was telling me about a product that is a strip which 'glues' on the back side of the cow, across her hips. And when she is cycling, and the other cows are jumping on her, the product that is inside this strip 'breaks' than you know she is reading for breeding.

Back in October, we received about eight inches of snow. I thought for sure, it is going to be another long winter. But, about a week later the snow disappeared and we had ourselves a wee bit of an Indian summer. Loved it! It was totally awesome! About 5 am this morning it started to snow. We got about 4 inches of the white stuff. Oh well. We have been here 4 1/2 years, and this is the first time that we have made it this far into November with such gorgeous weather! Aint complaining. Now with that being said, I sure hope we get a lot of snow, to fill up those dugouts come spring!
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  1. thats awesome mom that nobody swore...i would of loved to of been there for that...i miss chasin cows...i think im gettin home sick readin yer blog

  2. well it is one way for you to know what is goin on around here