Saturday, December 11, 2010

bring on the snow

measuring on top of the deck railing
One, of the two reasons why I like winter is the snow. The other is the hoar-frost. I don't do any of the winter sports, nor do we own a ski doo. Much to the dismay of a certain son. One day.

The snow makes for a shitty drive to town for groceries, or feeding livestock. But it is much needed for that important spring run-off.

We use the dugout by the house for the cattle waterers, and the hydrant by the garden.  Frank also made a few smaller dugouts out in the pastures for the cattle. We also have another dugout in another area of the land.The only way that any of these dugouts can fill up is either by spring runoff or by the rain. And since we didn't have much of the latter over the past couple of summers, we really need the snow.

The first winter here we had close to ten feet of snow. I am hoping we get that again this year. I know, I must be a sick person.

Since November, we have had two feet of snow.
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  1. I hope you guys get your snow too. I know how much the west depends on it. I hope we get a lot this year too. Heckuva lot better than looking out the window all winter at a grey landscape.

  2. There again, I never thought about the amount of snow a person needed to full fill their spring requirements. I always thought snow was an inconvenience.