Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas traditions

Over the years, I have tried to 'create' Christmas traditions. When I was growing up, I don't recall anything special about Christmas. Except dad getting liqueured. Some how I don't see that as a tradition. 

Part of the things that I do at Christmas I wouldn't consider a tradition.Until the other day that is. Cassierae was unpacking Christmas decorations, and decorating the tree and the house while she was here. She came across a set of Mr and Mrs Santa Claus green candlesticks. I had never burned them. My mom gave them to me probably 22 years ago. I do believe they were an Avon purchase. Those candlesticks have a hint of cinnamon, bayberry and something else. I haven't put them out for a few years now. Cass said those remind her of Christmas. All my kids said it isn't Christmas without Bony M singing Little Drummer Boy. They all have their own Christmas memories tied to a goodie, a song, a decoration, and even an event that we have done at Christmas.

This year, because I am feeling a little Scrooge about Christmas, I wasn't even going to make eggnog. Young Frank, a couple of days ago, kind of gave me heck. Apparently he really enjoys homemade eggnog, and doesn't care for the crap from the store. His words. I even cleaned it up a little. He also gently reminded me that I haven't made my eggnog since we moved here. This will be our fifth Christmas at Deadwood. So here is the recipe along will photos. Maddie took the pics and she was having issues with the camera when it came to the part of adding the milk. So no pics on that. No worries. We all know how to pour milk.


You will need:

~ 6 eggs separated
~ 1/3 cup honey
~ 5 cups cold milk
~ 2 tablespoons of rum extract
~ 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
~ 1 cup whipped cream
~ nutmeg for garnish

~ beat the egg whites with an electric mixer until soft peaks form.

~ add the egg yolks and the honey.
~ continue beating.
~ slowly add the milk, run and vanilla extracts, and beat until blended. ( I mixed these all into the same measuring cup)
~ chill. (if you plan on drinking this right away, like we did, there is no need to chill)

~ just before serving, fold in the whipped cream and sprinkle with nutmeg.


note: since I haven't made this in a few years, and because I suffer from iforgotagainitis I couldn't remember if I am suppose to beat the cream. So I didn't. I am not that mean of a cook. And it still tasted good. Maybe next batch I will beat the cream. Just because.

This is a ps.....when young Frank got home from work this evening he commented on the eggnog. He said,  ' Mom, it tastes good, but why is it runny?'  Now, I know. Whip the damn cream!

Since I kind of gave away my punch bowl set to the kid, I poured my eggnog into a juice jug. Hey it works. Nothing fancy around here.

Now for those of you who like your eggnog with a little bit of a kick, Spiced Captain Morgan goes good with this. As always, drink responsibly this  holiday season.

I like this recipe for the amount of eggs, milk and cream I can use up out of the fridge!
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  1. My bad I have your punch bowl still. And the butter tarts are a tradition too, once a year I think it counts ps eggnog is nasty stuff!

  2. Talk about memories. I think my Mum had those same candles!

  3. Hi Liz

    does you ma still have her candles? did she burn hers?