Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a dilemma

One thing I like about trying to live off of the land and being to provide for one's family, is knowing I will have pretty much an endless supply of food. In this particular instance, eggs and milk. But one can in a very short span of time become over run with an over abundance.

Let me introduce you to my fridge. It looks very ordinary.

It looks very ordinary.  A newspaper article on Warner's Stables. where Madeline worked for the summer at Banff. Magnet letters for the grandkids to play with. A wish list of what we would like to purchase or do on the farm. A grocery list. Postcard from Banff. A photo of Madeline on a horse, in Banff. A drawing that Austin did while she was here this past summer. The usual adornment that one may find on a fridge.

It isn't very big. It doesn't have a 'freezer' section. This is all fridge. Really it is more of an over sized beer fridge. But hey, it was here when we moved here, and it hasn't died....yet!!!

Now, lets open her up......

What do ya'll see? Well for starters, ignore the few beer bottles on top. That particular spot where the bottles are sitting is suppose to be only for the cream.  Every spot in the fridge is suppose to be designated for something. Yeah, I am a control freak that way. So this disarray is totally irritating the hell out of me.

But I am starting to digress. Digressing is good....sometimes....

Next the blue jug is eggnog.

Behind that blue jug, are two gallon jars full of milk that has already been skimmed. The other tupperware jug also contains milk. 

The shelf under that, has two ice cream pails of milk, and two dozen eggs, and leftovers.

The meat drawer, yogurt, jar of whey, jar of pork drippings off of our roast from last night, and a jar of butter- milk.

Next five ice cream pails of milk Did you total that? I have roughly 8 gallons of milk. Maddie is bringing in about 3 gallons a day. That is what she brings me. She feeds probably close to a gallon a day to the barn cats. Thank God!! 

Finally,12 dozen, yup you read right, 12 dozen eggs. I am getting almost 3 dozen eggs a day. Total 14 dozen in the fridge. I can only make so many pickled eggs in a week. Besides, the kids no longer wish to eat eggs.Of any sort!! So much for breakfast.

I think I need help as what to make or do with all this excess. Any suggestions?

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  1. Angel food cake doesn't it take a dozen? Ice cream!!!

  2. Got some neighbours that also live off the land that you can trade with? That could be helpful! :D best of luck!

  3. Shabby....I forgot about angel food cake, could have made one while you were here

    Simply Green....that is a good idea



  4. Mayonaisse, cheese, butter, pavlova, meringue cookies, quiche for dinner, pound cake.

    Or sell cow shares. If you lived near me, I'd be happy to take 12 litres of milk every week for drinking and how much milk does it take to make a big block of cheddar cheese? Plus yoghurt and cream for coffee and butter. Dairy is our biggest grocery expense, I think.