Thursday, December 16, 2010

snow fall

We started getting snow late Tuesday afternoon, until late last night. Cool.We needed that foot of snow. For spring run-off. Other than that...ugh!!!!

About 4.30 am this morning the county had the graders out. They are suppose to do the school bus routes first. News flash! We are not on the school route!!! No kids in school. Ha! Ha! We even got a truck load of  gravel this past fall!! It is quite obvious to us, that the school division does not update the county! We think it is great.

Anyways, this is not what this entry is about. It is about the grader operator's job. He isn't very good at it. At all. I'll tell you why.We live on a no exit road. Meaning just that, the road ends here. At our place. Yes, it is great. No traffic. No neighbours, for two miles. Before you come into our driveway, you have to cross a set of railway tracks. It isn't too bad. The train only goes through once a day, at no set time.

Our land is on either side of the tracks, in this photo. The tracks cut through the edge of one of our quarters. This view is East, South East. I am standing beside the tracks, on an approach into the quarter section of land east of the home quarter. We call this quarter, The Long Field.

This view is North, North-West. If you look carefully you can barely make out the crossing signs. You also can barely make out the road in the upper right side of the picture. I am still standing on the approach to the east quarter.

In this shot, I am standing on the crossing, looking North, North-West. Can barely make out the tracks at my feet.The trees to the left in the photo, is the road allowance. Just before the road allowance, our driveway starts. You turn to the left.

What I am trying to get at,  is the shitty job the grader operator did. Did you notice it? He was not suppose to leave these 'snow banks' on the tracks. They are  mid-thigh deep. I wonder if he is a new operator? I also wonder if CN is going to be sending out there own 'railroad graders' I know that isn't the proper term for them. But we know they exist. We have seen them.

Not only did he leave snow banks for the train, he also plowed the snow at the end of our driveway, and buried my corner fence post. I wonder what Frank will say when he comes home tomorrow night from camp and see this!!
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  1. For once we didn't get dumped on. It's pretty though.