Thursday, December 16, 2010

something new

I was checking my email, and Madeline says 'Mom, can I check something on Google?'

'Sure. Just open another tab.' I was curious as what Madeline wanted to Google. She is always finding new, interesting things on the net.

And sure as shit, she did. She types in dzo.

'What the hell is a dzo?' I asked.

'I don't know.'

This is a dzo. It is a cross between a yak and the domestic cow. It is technically a hybrid male. He would be unable to reproduce. A female hybrid is called a dzomo, and she can reproduce. Either bred her  back to a bull yak or the domestic bovine bull.

These crosses are used as pack animals in the Himalayas. These animals are suppose to be good milkers and meat producers.

Now I think these would be cool to raise!!! But would I have an end market? Definitely a niche market.

This is what I learned new today. So far. And it is still early!!
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  1. So how big do they get? They look kinda 'cute' I guess.

  2. domesticated get to be no more than 1300 pounds and the females 560 pounds

    check this article out on the dzo