Saturday, December 11, 2010

water usage

While I was having my shower this morning, in a very cold bathroom ( we heat by wood), I was thinking how much I despise  winter. Not so much the snow, but the temperatures. We having been sitting at -25 all week, and it doesn't look like we will be warming up for another week.

Where we are currently residing, in northern Alberta, most people have either cisterns or a dugout for their water source. We have a dugout, but we have made its main purpose to serve the two cattle waterers, and the hydrant by the garden. We do not use the dugout water for the house.(another story for another time) Since we moved here almost five springs ago, we all have learned how important water is. Our old farm we were a tad spoiled. Our water well was about 350 feet deep,endless water supply. The most softest water ever. Boy do I miss it!!

turtle tank

July of 2006, hubby Frank, put a 250 gallon turtle tank under the house. We also have an identical one on the back of the ole green bomb. In the summer it is no problem to drive down the road a10 mile round trip,to the water station to get water. But in winter time, when the temperatures are so cold, the water freezes, the nozzle freezes, and the hubby's temperature goes up. So we get water only when we run out. We usually get water once a week. But if we have visitors or company for a few days, we go through more water.

Back to the water conservation. There are several 'little' things as individuals we can do every day to help conserve and/or cut back on their water usage.

When my twelve year old washing machine finally died, I ended up purchasing a top load, HE. A lot of water gets wasted in washing laundry. I always try to have a full load for the wash.We do not have a dishwasher. Nor do we flush the toilet after every use. I raised the kids from the time that they first started to brush their teeth, turn the water off. Since we get our drinking water from a different source, we don't run the water until it is cold for drinking.  Now with this said, I am having a hard time to convince one particular teen age daughter, to put the plug in the rinse sink when she does dishes. Lets just call it a work in progress.

I know there is more that I could do on a daily basis to save that precious resource. It takes awhile before the hot water tap in the kitchen gets hot, I could be saving that water in a juice jug to use for later in cooking. In the bathroom I could have a five gallon pail in the tub, while we are waiting for the shower water to get warmer, and than use that water to flush the toilet. I know it all seems mundane, but every little bit helps.

Have a look around your place, whether you live in a city or on the land, and find ways of saving some water.
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  1. Here we have to have so many gallons a minute from our well to be approved for a mortgage. I'd never thought that might be different in other parts of the country. When I thought about it some more, I remembered my sister, when she was on her farm in Saskatchewan, had to fetch her water at the community tap (for lack of a better word) in their old truck with a tank on the back. Here we're getting about 13 gallons a minute, 3x what we need for a mortgage. Spoiled.

  2. I never thought about water either. I just assumed everybody had well water out in the country. Why not? We did. Until we moved north that is. Makes you appreciate the finer things in life. This place has been a real big learning curve on all levels for all of us.