Wednesday, July 14, 2010

future milk apprentice

This little fella is my grandson, Ben. He is fourteen months old. I had my milk pail sitting in the kitchen, and he decided it would make a great toy to climb in and out of. Ben was sitting deep inside the pail, but when my daughter-his mama, Cassierae went to grab her camera, he decided to stand up.
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Sweetness in a Glass

Nothing taste better on a hot summer day than a glass of ice tea. Now, I am not talking about that crap that comes in a can!! Homemade sun tea is the best 'ice tea' out there.

I have been making sun tea for about 23 years now. I had a lovely elderly neighbour lady, Bina, who taught me how to make it. She served it up almost everyday through out the summer. Me and my quizzative nature, I asked Bina what brand of ice tea it was. Now, if you want to see t a trans-planted Oklahoma senior citizen get a little pissed, it was Bina. I think it was her Cherokee coming thru! She informed me politely that it did not come out of a can. Bina, proceeded to 'learn' me the proper way of making sun tea.

Basically the first ingredient is the sun. But I have learnt that you can make this tea even on a cloudy day. But don't tell that to Bina! Also, you need a jar. I like to use a one gallon jar, because I have a lot of thirsty mouths that I co-habitat with-aka my family. I have experimented over the years, and I have used herbal tea along with 'normal' tea. Our favourite combinations have been raspberrry tea and I use either Tetly or no name tea. I use a total of 5 tea bags. (If you have a smaller jar, use less tea bags.) Really, in the end it all depends on your own personal preference. I like to put my jar out in the morning so it can 'steep' and chill-ax. Ok, the truth be told, I have actually forgotten about my tea being outside for a couple of days. It still tasted great! Sweeten to your liking. Serve with a slice of lemon and a few ice cubes, sit back and enjoy!

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