Saturday, July 24, 2010


This evening, when I went to get Frank for supper (about 7 is)-he was out in the west field making hay not far from the house-we notice to the east, south-east, smoke just above the tree line. It looked like it was just over our land. Frank said no it is further south east than a mile. During supper we could hear airplanes flying over the house. It took me awhile to finally get a good shot of one of the water bombers.

It must have been a small forest fire (if there is such a thing) because it is forestry helicopters flying now, and we haven't seen any bombers for about 30 minutes. Young Frank, went for a drive to see if he could see where the fire might have been.
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tiny little house guests

The parents of these tiny little barn swallows decided that under my soffit made a good place to build their summer home. Unfortunately for us, not so good. I had to move my bench because of the bird droppings on the back. Not to mention the crap that is piling up on the deck. Mind you, it is funny when they dive bomb the cat any time she comes onto the deck to come inside. I will have to try a get a photo of that.

I tried to get a photo of when the parents came to feed, but when I stood to close, the parents hung back. As soon as I stepped back, and put space between the babies and me, they came back to give the youngsters their lunch.

When these little house guests move for the winter, the nest will come down. And I will have to make a mental note to hang something  to discourage them from building there next spring. It is a matter of principle. I need to or do I have the right to, reclaim my deck back.
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Friday, July 23, 2010

at the fix it shop!

So, yesterday, I thought, well the weather is good and the grass is long. When I get home I will get Johnny out and we will cut the grass. Well, Johnny had other plans. We had barely started and he decided 'Nope. I am taking today off.' Which he did. The p.t.o. just up and quit on me. So much for getting the grass cut!

Poor Frank. I greeted him on the steps when he got home around 7.30 ish, and told him my Johnny has an owie  and I would like him fixed so I can cut the grass. After Frank had his dinner, he got straight to work on my lawn mower. Even though he had hay to bale. Gotta love it when the hubby puts you first. :)

p.s.  I got the grass cut today!
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

let me introduce you to....

Misty and Junior
I am sorry it took me way too long to get a picture of Misty and her baby on here. She had a bull calf, who I have dubbed Junior. I will eventually ring him, and in two years time he will be destine for the deep freeze. But in the meantime, he will enjoy his life running, jumping and eating all the grass that he can stomach!

I still haven't milked Misty. Scared to. I will let her play mama for awhile. When the time comes, and when we move the beef cows, I will move Misty and Junior closer to the barn and than I will be sitting at her side.

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