Saturday, July 31, 2010

the morning after

  This is basically the same shot from yesterday afternoon. But no puddles!!  That is how dry we have been. I don't have a rain gauge, but I have the odd 5 gallon bucket laying about, and a huge blue tub (which is an earlier  photo)  they both have about two inches of rain in them. All that fell in less than an hour. Hey, I am not complaining!

  When hubby came home from work around 8 ish last night, he didn't believe me that there was water everywhere- until I showed him the pictures. 

this view is facing west from the south door off of the livingroom
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Friday, July 30, 2010

July rain storm

First it started as thunder and lightening,

Then the rain mixed with some hail.

The thunder was so loud, it rattled the house. Austin and I jumped  out of our skins!We both let out a little scream, than the laughter followed.

This old house starting leaking. Now we have ice cream pails, my milk pail and bowls every where catching the rain water. 

We were very quick at shutting down the Wii and the computer.

Austin was worried that the power would go out like last night. Although she thought is was fun to bathe by candlelight. She was already in the tub when the power went out. But we did manage to get her hair washed prior to the power outage. 

Now the sun is shining. The thunder storm has moved off in a east south-east direction. That is our second rain storm this month. But just an hour after it has stopped all these puddles in the above photos are no longer there. The ground was that dry, it absorbed it all. This moisture will benefit the pastures, the grain farmers-although the moisture might be to late, the crops have been burning up in the heat-and it has thoroughly screwed up the haying for a couple of days. Oh well, such is the life of a farmer.

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redneck swimming pool

Papa, and Austin were desperate to cool off in the summer's heat. Yesterday we got up to 33 degrees. Which is unusual for us.  So they took our water trough from the field and emptied the black tank (in the background) which holds rain water, and filled the trough. The two of them were in there for about an hour together, and Austin stayed and played for another hour. 

 I was going to post this last night, but the we had a a brief thunder/lightening storm. Lights out!
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

aint never seen anything like it before....

Could someone help me please? First, I want to apologise for the poor quality of the picture. I don't have a state of the art camera, and I was trying to get close to it as I could.

This strange little critter I notice yesterday on the leaves of my green ash tree. As you can see, he wasn't all that very big. He might have been close to an inch. He had 'fake' eyes, that were yellow circles. We think they might have been designed to be 'decoys'

 In the picture to the left, that was his front. Just under his yellow 'lip' was his mouth. It look like the colour from the underside of a white mushroom.In the photo to the bottom left, he was eating the white 'cocoon' like substance. The cocoon stuff look like silk. Very thin and delicate looking. I went to see him today, but atlas, he is gone.                                  
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

catching air

My eight year old grand daughter, Austin, jumping on the trampoline. Having one hellava good time on there!
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