Tuesday, August 3, 2010


from the humble beginning as a cucumber....

Nothing is finer than walking out to your garden and picking the fruit of your own labour. I know this sounds extremely silly, but I have for years -- and the feeling  never goes away, I get such satisfaction from knowing that almost everything that I put on the supper table is produce out of love, with these two hands and the knowledge that the good Lord above, has given me. I know that the food that I feed to my family is organic, wholesome, and more nutritious than anything I could ever purchase from the grocery store. It just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

....to the delicious dill pickle
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Monday, August 2, 2010

green giant...

So it begins! Harvest season is upon us. One veggie at a time. This is the first picking of my pea crop. The garden is maturing later this year than last. We had such a cool spring, and than no moisture unless I put the garden hose to it. We will enjoy these little gems this winter.
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splish splash

Austin and Papa having a grand time in the pool. For such a small child, she is really could at splashing water at a person. I know it looks like Austin is drowning her Papa, but she isn't. She just had fun pretending that she did. Who would of thought, that a water trough could provide so much fun for two kids...oops I meant two people!
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

my early birthday present

For a few years now I have been wanting a grain mill. After a few conversations over the years, I have finally convinced the hubby that we should get one- I let him believe that it was his idea, all along.

A couple weeks ago I was checking out lehmans.com  and we both looked at the grain mill that was built in Poland. Now Frank's parents came from Poland and he figured that mill would be perfect for us. Apparently the Poles make good stuff. You know, none of the cheap China crap.  But the price tag is a heffty one- $1300 US.

The other day in the mail, I received my latest copy of Mother Earth News, and I seen an ad for a grain mill, at grainmaker.com  Today, I checked out the website. Frank thought I was on kijiji.ca  looking for a used truck. I don't know what gave him that idea.  Anyways, I showed him this grain mill. Well he liked it, and the price. But the darnest thing, I couldn't order it from the website. Well Frank suggested give them a call tomorrow. But see, I am smarter than the average bear, I went and checked out e-bay! And sure shit, there she was! Straight from the fine folks in Montana. With the exchange rate and shipping it came to $515.94 CAD. Well, Frank politely informs me that is my birthday gift, and don't expect a cake! That is ok, I wasn't going to be here anyways, I will be in Banff, and Madeline I were going to get a cake and celebrate both our birthdays together. My baby girl will be 19 on the 20th.  

A few questions to ponder before you purchase your first grain mill. First, do you want a electric, hand cranked or duel purpose? How big do you want the hopper to be? What kind of  grains, legumes, etc do you want to mill? Need to know if the mill comes with clamps or bolts. What is the mill made from? Steel, cast iron, plastic? Some augers on some models are plastic. Research, research and more research. Don't be afraid to check out what others are saying about the mills that they purchased, in the review section.

I can hardly wait to start milling!!
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