Monday, August 23, 2010


The other day I was cruising around on e-bay. I have only direct bought one other item on e-bay. A little to scared...feeling insecure about bidding on the net. Hey, I won't even bid at a livestock or a farm auction sale. I usually ask the person sitting beside if they mind to bid for me. So I have been wanting a pasta maker. I thought hey maybe I could find a used one. Hence the cruising around in e-bay. So I swallowed the proverbial bullet, and I placed a bid on an Atlas Pasta Maker. I have been watching it very closely for the past few days-ok, I just checked once a day actually. I am on dial-up so everything is extremely slow. Today, when I got home from work, I thought well, lets see if I am a proud new owner of a used pasta maker. Well, I am still a non owner of a pasta maker. I will keep looking.

Depending on the item I am looking for, I will scour thrift stores, garage/yard sales, auctions, ask the locals if they know anyone who might have what I am looking for, and in this case, e-bay. Some items are great to be able to purchase new, but like I said, check other sources as well. As long as the item is in good shape, who cares if is has been 'gently' used by a previous owner.
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