Monday, September 13, 2010

apples, apples, apples and peaches

I can't get over how quickly summer is falling away and autumn is taking  it's place. Autumn, is like one of those love/hate relationships you hear about. I have one of those relationships with autumn. I hate autumn, because it is signalling that winter is just around the corner. And where I live, winter lasts for about 8 months of the year. But on the other hand, I love autumn for all of its splendor. Autumn is such a  beautiful season, with the changing of the leaves from their many shades of green to the different hues of the reds, oranges and yellow. I love how crisp the air feels and the freshness of it. I love watching all the varieties of migratory birds flying over head, and trying to figure out which type of bird they are. I like driving to work in the mornings and see the geese, ducks and the cranes having a rest in many of the grain fields. Autumn also signals that it is time to wrap up the garden for another season, and to get ready for the long winter's nap.

Frank has been busy trying to get wood put up for winter. His job doesn't give him much time throughout the spring or summer to get that chore done. I think partly he hates doing it, because that ole man of mine really despises  winter. When you hit a certain age, your body lets you know very loudly what it likes and dislikes. And Frank's body does not get along to well with old man winter.

Most of the garden is in, all that is left out there is the carrots and potatoes. I am in no panic to do them.

I have gone into Manning the past two Saturdays to meet the fruit truck that comes from British Columbia.  . On the 4th, I bought 40 lbs of peaches and canned 14 quarts of peaches, plus the gang had eaten a few of them. The last 7lbs, I managed to rescue,  which now have gone into making peach wine.  On the 11th, I went and bought 80 lbs of apples, 20 lbs of canning tomatoes, and 40 lbs of bartlet pears. I am sure the fella thinks I am crazy for purchasing all of this 'work'! Yesterday I managed to get 40 lbs of apples put up.

 I made 6 quarts of apple pie filling, dried apple rings-but the kids ate them while playing ninetendo (I came home from work today, and I couldn't find the apple rings. I asked Madeline what she had done with them, she chuckled. She politely informed me that Frank and her ate them all. Dad only had one!)  and about 8 lbs went for making apple wine. I have never made wine so this is a learning curve. I also had two milk crates full of crab-apples that I did.The crab-apples I juiced. I ended up with 12- half pints of crab-apple jelly, 7 quarts of un-sweetened juice, and than of course I made apple butter with the pulp. I am kind of appled out. But I have 40 lbs to go.

I was also given a very full bag of ripe tomatoes last week. Which I made tomatoe juice out of them. 

Yesterday Madeline separated Misty from her calf, Junior, and locked her in the corral around noon. Maddie went back out around 7pm and  came back about 20 minutes later with the milk pail full of milk. Misty was happy to be put back with her calf. Oh and the milk this morning tasted great!! Can't wait to start making cheese again.

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