Thursday, September 23, 2010

No Worries!

Esmeralda, and Ali Baba

This is how my day went:

I ask Madeline to do a few things for me while I was at work. You know the usual household stuff: do the dishes, the garbage should be hauled out to the burning barrel. Dad is going to get you some water, so could you do up a few loads of laundry (she still isn't done those few loads....). Also clean the bathroom. Yeah I am also going to vacuum and wash the floors. I should have vacuumed the bathroom floor yesterday. No worries I say, do them today. Oh, and when the Jerseys and the sheep come up lock them all in the corral. 'K I can do that.

So, I go to work, put my time in there, no worries. Come home. Ah, good girl, she has the sheep and the jerseys locked up. Need to separate a few babies from their mamas. Maddie and I should be able  handle this. No worries.

Walk in the house. Ma, Shirley wants you to phone her back.'K. I wanted to get my walk in as soon as I got home,. Well I should return Shirley's phone call. 'K. So I end up talking to the neighbour lady for almost an hour. The Hunderrites (is that how you spell that?) are coming to the Ag Hall tomorrow, did you want me to get you some more chickens? I got a phone from Anne, and put my order in. The kids are going to go for me tomorrow. Hey, If I am stuck with combining and what not, would it be ok for the kids to grab mine? Yeah no worries.

Barely off of the phone, and the husband phones. 'K. So I visited with him for a few minutes. It is now well after 3. Still want to go for my walk. He tells me before he went to go combining for his boss, he was out cutting down a dead standing spruce tree and his chain saw somehow got binded in the tree. Really I don't know how he did it. I guess it is one those incidents of gotta see it to believe it. After twenty minutes he says 'k I will let you go for your walk. No worries.

Madeline I head out to the corrals. First before we go on our walk, lets separate the lambs and Spook. Well in no time we had that done. That was easy. Used my pea fences to put across the panel gate so the lambs wouldn't escape. No worries.

Go for the mile walk. Come back thru the barnyard. And the lambs had crawled under the plank fence, where there is busted plank. 'K. We will use my other pea fences to put across there, and we can get the sheep back in. No worries.

That didn't work. They ended up going under the barb-wire gate, back to their mamas. (Those are the mamas in the above photo) I hate those gates. No worries. Just lock them all up again tomorrow. What about Spook, she has no water. She'll be fine until dad comes home, and than we will go out to the culvert field and bring back, the black water trough. No worries.

Well now it is 7.45 pm. Let's go bring in the girls, and we can get Annie into the barn and start training her to be a milk cow. Get down to the barn with the milk pail in hand. We get the lights on, and the milking stall already. Walk out the west end door of the barn, and realised we had another jail break. Spook got out of the corrals. No worries. We just bring the whole lot of them up from the field.

First we need some bait. Sure we will grab a 5 gallon bucket of rolled oats. Did that work? Hell no! Madeline jumped on her horse bareback and rode off. I brought home the milk pail empty. We will try this all again tomorrow. No worries.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

pea soup

With the cooling temperatures, and the days getting shorter, it is only natural that one turns to homemade soup to warm the soul.


Rinse 2 1/4 cups dry green split peas. (It equals out to be one of those 450 gram bag of split peas, and for my neighbours to the south about one pound). In a Dutch oven combine peas, 8 cups cold water, 1 teaspoon instant chicken oxo, 1 meaty ham bone, 1 medium onion chopped, 1/4 teaspoon pepper, and 1/4 dried marjoram (side note-I only measure my peas and water, the rest of it I wing it!) Bring to boiling, reduce heat. Cover, simmer for about one hour.  Stir occasionally. Remove ham bone, and when cool enough to handle, cut off meat and coarsely chop. Let the dogs fight over the bone- I mean discard it if you want.  Return the meat to the pot and add 2 stalks celery, chopped, and 2 medium size carrots also chopped. Stir in well. Cover and let simmer about another 30 minutes. Serve. Season to your liking. And don't forget to serve with a fresh biscuit or a bun. Keep warm my friends, from the inside out!!!

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a week in review

Please, do not adjust your eyes!! This picture is not out of focus! That blurry white crap is actually big white snowflakes!!! That is right folks, I said snow! 
I am a little behind on my blogging, but hey what else is new? Ok enough of the sarcastic comments from the peanut gallery. Madeline took this shot last Wednesday when it started to snow. I started to cry :(  Thank the Lord above it didn't not stay. We had snow the long weekend in May and dammit it just seems unfair to have winter so darn early. BTW, we didn't have much of a summer either!!

My youngest child and only boy, Frank Jr turned eighteen on the 18th.

All the kids came home, with only three of the grandkids. Frank had a couple of friends over as well.

Cassierae, Frank, Madeline, and Jamielee
When the kids were born, the big guy went and bought a bottle of whiskey. Each one of those bottles stayed in storage until each kid turned 18. Frank Jr's bottle was Jim Bean. It was a four year old bottle when Frank purchased it. Now it is 22 years old. My kids started a tradition to purchase a shot glass when each one turned 18, and they would crack open the bottle and pour each one a shot and give a toast. And that is what they are doing here. 

Olivia, Cheyenne, and moi

I did get in some nana time with the two youngest grand-daughters. Cassierae's young fella, Ben (he is 16 months) isn't sure of me yet.

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