Wednesday, November 10, 2010

homemade laundry soap

When I started this blog, I wanted to learn from other s, who were thinking along the same lines as myself-being more self sufficient, being  frugal, living simply, living within ones means, and  leaving a small carbon footprint. One action at a time, by several people will lead all of us to greener environment. Something we all can be proud of, and that our grand children can look on us, and be proud of the changes that we made. So with that all in mind, I went searching looking for things that I could do that would save me money, help me to live within our budget, and to be a wee bit more self sufficient. All little changes happen within the home, so I decided I would start with laundry soap. Hence that is what I am going to share today. I know there are a few blogs out there with the same info, but everybody doesn't always visit the same blogs.

To start with, I went to the thrift store to get a saucepan, measuring cups, and even silicone molds. Yep, I am gathering for another project I would like to try-soap making. But I will start with the easy ones first. I don't do well with failure.

The second step after finding a simple recipe, was to the grocery store. In Peace River, at the No Frills, this is what it cost me.

       Borax             - $4.29 for 2 kg box
       Washing Soda- $5.29 for 3 kg box
       Sunlight          - $2.19 for 2 bar package

Of course, depending where you live it maybe more or less.

You will need:

1 cup soap grated
1/2 c washing soda
1/2 c borax

I grated both bars up, measured out what I needed, and put the remaining soap into a quart jar for next time.

-add the ingredients and 1 1/2 quarts water into a saucepan, heat mixture, stir 'til completely dissolved and remove from heat.
-get a large container (like a 5 gallon bucket or a mop pail-make sure it is clean) anything that will hold about 10 quarts. Measure in 8 quarts of cold water, and add soapy mixture and stir.

-as it cools, the mixture turns to gel.
-pour into used laundry detergent containers or whatever you have. Leave some headroom for shaking.

-shake before every use, approximately 1/2 cup per load-adjust for dirtiness.

You can add essential oils. I haven't yet. I have made this twice now. But my son, told me "It doesn't have any smell. Can't you add something to it?" So I shall next time. I took me less than 30 minutes to make this. What took me the longest was pouring the soap into my jugs. At the time I didn't own any funnels, which now has been rectified.
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