Thursday, December 22, 2011

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my version of the Nativity

Ali Baba- representing the sheep. After all the shepherds were there. And what is a shepherd without, well, sheep!

Etzio-representing possibly the little donkey that Mary rode in on

Jynx and Tiny- representing the barn cats. Well every barn/stable needs mouse patrol!

Brigan and the little filly-representing the horses that maybe the Romans rode on

Misty and Miss Dolly-representing all the noble cows

Georgia... getting into the spirit!

Along with all of us here at Misty Meadow Farms, 
Wishing all of you, 
a Very Merry Christmas!!!
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

no snow spa day

We had another wicked wind come through the farmstead again last night. Again, I thought for sure the side of the house would be peeled off and rolled up like a sardine can. But we survived! Other than the nasty wind, we woke up to 5 above and no snow. Yep. I love it!! I hate the white stuff. When it comes in October and it doesn't leave until May it just makes for a very long winter.  I don't even care if there is snow on the ground for Christmas. I have had plenty of white Christmas-es, in my life to last me a lifetime. I  would actually enjoy a brown one for a change!!

Today, Maddie and I brought the boys out of their pen. Etzio needs a bit of work with his leading. Well we all know how stubborn donkeys can get. But this little guy doesn't know how stubborn I can be. I won.

Each boy got a very good rub down. Charlie enjoyed his grooming immensely. Etzio, not so much.

Madeline cleaned their hooves. She said this is a first. She has never cleaned so tiny of hooves before.

No snow!!!
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busy in Mrs Claus's workshop

I have been busy crochet-ing gifts for the special people on my list.

I have crochet-ed  toque and scarves for four of the grand-children. Two scarves for each of the older girls. Toques for the hubby and junior.

I have crochet a pile of dish clothes. I even sewed these oven mitts. I don't know if my hand made a good pattern though.

This isn't a very good picture, but these little 'flower-ettes' are make-up remover pads. Just toss into the wash when done. I think this is a very good idea of recycling and saving a few pennies. The instructions for making these are here and here and the pattern I used here.

 I am glad this Afghan is done. I had started it last winter, and than I fractured my thumb, and I couldn't finish it. It was suppose to be a wedding gift for Cassie and Mike. Well now it is part of their Christmas gift.

I made this shawl for my mother. 

 Maddie was kind enough to model it for me.

What kind of projects have you all been working on?

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday visiting

Charlie was looking for treats. And when he discovered I didn't have any, he snubbed me.

Ali Baba getting a scratching on her cheek. She is one of the quietest ewes that I have.

Brigan and Charlie touching noses through the fence.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy Birthday

Jamielee may be turning 28 today, but she is still a kid at heart!! Happy Birthday Jim Bob!!!!

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road trip

Yesterday was a busy day. Maddie and young Frank decided they needed projects for the winter. And maybe a challenge. Since young Frank had to work, and the rest of us are 'unemployed bums' hubby Frank, Maddie, and I took a road trip. This road trip included the stock trailer. We went to British Columbia and we came home with....

.... these two six month old foals!!

buckskin filly

stud colt paint

Young Frank is so excited. He has never owned a horse before. He purchased the stud colt, and the little filly is Madeline's. 
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I'll huff, and I'll puff, and blow your house down...

Thursday evening we had very strong winds whip through the farmyard. I swear, the living room wall was going to go at any moment. I was sitting on the sofa, crochet-ing and I could feel the sofa and the wall move. The sound was extremely loud. I thought for sure we were going to be homeless!!  
However, something did get blown over.

The trees prevented the camper from going completely over. The one jack on the left side is broken.  Once we get it upright, we can see what other damage there is.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

bein' crafty

Every year for as long as I can remember, I make Christmas decorations. The Victorian era has always been my favourite time period. Even as a young girl. When my children were growing up, the Christmas theme was always centred around the children. But as they started growing up and out of the home, I have slowly been converting my decorations to Victorian. I also love vintage and shabby chic. This year, I have scoured the net for ideas. So here are few of things that I have made so far.

I cut 4 1/2 inch squares out of a heavy cardstock. I stamped across the middle of the square. I inked around the edges using a sponge. I picked a font I liked, increased the size to fit my square,and  printed it off of the computer. I than traced the letters onto my squares. I used graphite paper. You can find it at most dollar stores, and craft stores. I used folk art paint. Which you can find at most dollar stores and craft stores. I punched two holes and threaded my ribbon through each square. I just eye-balled it for evenness. Mine says Merry Christmas, but you could use the title of your favourite Christmas carol like I did for my pennant.

O Holy Night pennant banner

the instructions for making this is here 

the instructions for making this are here

the instruction for making this are here

instructions for making the cone  here

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Eztio and Charlie

Maddie trying to get some lovins from Charlie
feeding the boys horse treats
Charlie looking for more goodies

bribery always works!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Shiver me timbers!!!!!!

Frank set up a heat lamp in the barn, for the cats. Here are about four of them enjoying the warmth the lamp was providing. They are calling for temperatures in the twenties this weekend for the Town of Peace River. So we are thinking here at the farm, we are going to be in  the -30's. Brrrrr!!!!

don't  you just love the 'devil' eyes?

Did I ever mention I really do not like winter?!
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vaccinating, de-worming, de-lousing.....

This morning we 'rounded' up the girls. As everyone who has worked with sheep, know that is not an easy task without a herding dog!! Which I don't have. I would have preferred them in the barn. But that was not to be. Some of the newer ones would not go in there. I gave up on that idea. So into the working corral instead. First Lawrence had to lead out of the working corral area, and locked into the barn. We are not set up for sheep. Everything, and I mean everything, is designed for cattle. * Note to me: need to change that! Once I get Frank's agreement!*

Oh, the reason for the 'great' round-up? It was time, probably getting a little late in the year, but they needed their shots. The sheep needed to be vaccinated and de-wormed/de-loused. Frank's injury has set us back a bit. I don't needle.
when we first brought them into the lane way

Frank all ready with the needle, waiting for me to 'sit' the ewe lamb on her butt. The bad thing about doing sheep at this time of year, is the cold temperatures are not in our favour. As if they really are regardless.The temperature was -19 when we did the sheep.  The tip of the needles kept freezing. Maddie was on the other side on the walk way (it is a wooden bench, if you will, suspended in the air, so we can stand on it and be taller than the lane way) filling needles, and keeping the tips from freezing. If it took me a bit longer to get the sheep to sit, the needle tip had already started to freeze. It just makes life more interesting. Right?

Frank giving the ewe lamb an injection,subcutaneously (which means, just under the skin). We gave the needles to the ewe, in the bald area near their armpits.

releasing my little beasties

Now the cattle need to be done!!!

Frank's arm is feeling way better, but it is still not back to normal. I don't know if I had mentioned this, but last week, he thought he was feeling so much better, he decided to throw a stick for his poms, needless to say, he used his right arm. Well he re-injured it, and caused some new bruising to the area.  He learnt the hard way, not to rush his healing. Frank has an appointment with the specialist on the 28th in Grande Prairie. I hope the weather and the highways are good. It is a three hour drive one way for us.

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