Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tag: 15 random facts about me!

Thanks to Shabby Makeup for tagging me!

Rules: Come up with 15 random facts about yourself and share them with the blog world!
After doing this post tag 5 other bloggers to do this!

Here are my 15 facts:

1. I am mother to four, grandmother to four(for now) , a sister to, sorry  not four, but seven brothers and sisters.
2. I am the odd ball in my family. I am the only one on the land. My spirit is tied to the land. I love living on the land.
3. I believe what goes around, comes around.  You know, Karma.
4. I like vintage things.
5. I hate shortening of words: for example Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC 
6. I think Canada should have the death penalty.
7. I have very old values and morales. I am old fashioned.
8. I don't really enjoy going to town. I like to stay home.
9. I enjoy watching movies. I really don't like the crap that is on television.
10. I watch the news.
11. I enjoy listening to music of all sorts-well except for rap!
12. I enjoy sewing, crochet, card making, making Christmas decorations, gardening, canning, and cheese making.
13. The most prized possession that I have the privilege of having in my life is; my husband, children and grandchildren.
14. I thank the good Lord above, for all the skills that He has given me and the ones I have yet to learn.
15. I like keeping  my life simple. 

Here are the blogs that I'm tagging:

1. backward leonard
2. Simply Green
3. and whoever feels free to participate
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  1. You don't like any of my music mom!

  2. nope never have, and probably never will


  3. Most moms are like that, my mom doesn't like most of my music either!

  4. An awesome list. I'm with you on all but the music and the one thing I don't care for there would be opera.......just never got a taste for it.

  5. aw Linda, some Opera is very nice to listen to. I even enjoy Classical music.

    some of the dance music is ok, but I can only take so many songs in a row

  6. Just found your blog Cheryl...looks great! looking forward to reading more 'middle aged wisdom'. I can use all the wisdom I can get.

  7. Welcome John

    I don't for sure about how much middle age wisdom I can give, but I try.