Monday, January 3, 2011

to a new year!!!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I also hope that the new year brings health, happiness and success to all of your endeavors.

Now on to some serious stuff!!!

Have you made any new year's resolutions? I don't understand why we make them. Especially when we just break them. Than we all feel like crap because we have lied to ourselves. Which leads to self doubt, depression, and lack of self worth. 

Also, if we all lied like that and were this dishonest with our better halves, we all would be single! 

So I say, save our insanity....we need a new title.

We should change it from new year's resolution to attainable goals.

I have made a few 'obtainable' goals for 2011.  And yes as per usual "the mundane stuff", that everybody makes at the beginning of the new year, and lets face throughout the year too. You know which ones I mean. Like to be a better wife, parent, person, sibling, losing weight, exercise more and being more healthier . I will let you all know how I do with the weight thing. Sure I will share. 

As for the other stuff like:

A) learn another new skill that will help me be more self reliant and easy on the old man's pocket book. 
B) try to be more conservative with the water-currently we use about 200 gallons a week, that is until laundry day. However I do own a HE washing machine.
C) to put more food up for us-I would like to canning meat. I know how to do chicken, but I would like to try my hand at beef, and wild meat. Moose is suppose to taste excellent from a jar!
D) I am going to try real hard this year and try not to purchase items new. I am going to try and hit the second hand shops, and more yard sales this year. I would go to more farm auctions-but I don't do my own bidding. I need someone else to do that. I have a hard time understanding the auctioneer.
E) downsizing or eliminating more plastic out of our lives
F) making all homemade gifts for Christmas 2011. I need to start early!
G) to be able to do a chin up

I am sure there will be more once I start thinking about it.

Happy Attainable Goals, Everyone!!!!

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