Tuesday, March 22, 2011

another move

Lamb is not happy with me this evening. I served him with his eviction notice. I didn't turn him out in the cold to live miserably in the snow with out some sort of a roof over his head. He has found new lodgings in the hen house. The hens have graciously, but suspiciously accepted their new room-mate.  "Why didn't I put Lamb in the barn?" Y'll are askin. 

To be continued......
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  1. Wow, you guys sure are busy! Glad to see the calf is doing well. What do you do with the babes? Sell them?

  2. You do realize that he has 30 days to move out..... Poor lil guy I'm sure he would have found a better home then the hen's all they do is have hen parties!

  3. Hi Liz, the bull calves we sell in the fall and the heifers calves we usually keep for replacements.

    This is my second year with the sheep. Last year I kept the ewe lamb as a replacement, and the ram lambs were butchered. However, I will not be eating Lamb!

  4. Cassierae...as you know, he has had notice since the second week he was born. He has had amble warning.

  5. Awww Mom hes just a baby,poor little guy doesnt wanna be surrounded by all those hens.

  6. What are you two talking about?! He's surrounded by a bunch of chicks! He should be in paradise!