Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the big move

Frank Jr got the honors of carrying the bull calf to the barn. 

Boots and her calf are reunited. We locked them both in the barn overnight. One: so they could bond. Two: it was snowing and on the cool side..-15 C.

This was taken today. Forty-eight hours after he was 'found' you wouldn't know that he was on death's door. He is running and jumpin around. I think that is a good sign that all is well.

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  1. Is that a smile on dads face?? lol hes probably happy he didnt have to carry Boots' calf

  2. Dad was just happy that he didn't have to pack him. The calf probably weighs at least 100 lbs.

  3. I always let someone besides me do the calf packing duty. I finally bought a bale sleigh and that has saved a LOT of back breaking work ;)

  4. We use to have two calf sleds...but somehow those sled got destroyed. I don't think it helped any when kids, a quad and gravel roads are involved.