Saturday, March 19, 2011

check out this lawn ornament!!!

Since Linda enjoyed my moose "ornament" so much, I thought I would share this with you all. 

Last June, this young fella decided to come right into the yard. This is the first time, the bears have come this close to the house. They usually stay out back more.Our land butts up against Crown land. 

I think this one is a two year old, and was probably just curious. He probably followed the bush line to the farm yard.

There was no seed in the bird feeder. By the time Maddie had a chance to snap this photo, the bear took one look at us, (all four of us were watching him through the bay window), and decided he had enough of the freak show. So, all she got was his back side.

The bush at the top of this photo, heads straight south to a field we call "Harold's Mess", at the south side of the home quarter. Harold's Mess butts up against the south quarter. The south quarter is adjacent to crown land, which is all bush, huge spruce trees and muskeg. Bear paradise!!

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  1. Sometimes we get skunks. (Not quite as exciting, is it?)

  2. I haven't seen a skunk since I was kid living in southern Alberta!! I think they are cute! Don't smell very good! But they make up for it with their cuteness.