Thursday, March 17, 2011

my lovely hen house.....not!!!

I am not proud of my hen house. Ok. With all honesty....I hate it!!!!  It is a very old wooden grainery, the floor is rotten. I have no idea what is holding it up. Ok, maybe I do have a clue. It is the metal that my two boys put on, and the reinforced ceiling and walls from when they insulated it a few years ago.

As you can tell, there are absolutely no windows on the south side (left side in the photo). Nor on the west side (the other end of the hen house). I wouldn't want to live in this dark dreary habitat. But the girls have been. I have drawn plans for a the perfect hen house. Perfect to me, expensive to the hubby. The perfect hen house would include an area for brooding chicks, holding the feed, easy access to gather eggs, windows, brightness! Oh how my list goes on and on. I am hoping one day very very very soon I get a new hen house!!!

the girls and boys

nest full of eggs...yeah I know, why state the obvious

Most of the winter the girls were very generous with their egg production. Until mid- February, they were giving us about four dozen eggs a day. Frank was taking eight dozen with him every week to camp. 

Remember last fall when I had wrote about a hen laying on eggs? Well if not, here it is. Well only three of the five chicks survived winter. And I do believe they are ucky roosters!!

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