Monday, March 28, 2011

taste of empty nest syndrome

Cassierae, Madeline, Jamielee, Frank Jr

Frank and I got a taste, over the weekend, of what it is going to be like when the last of our children finally leaves the nest. Frank Jr was hanging out with his buddies all weekend, and it was just Frank and I. It was a very strange foreign feeling. And it made me feel scared and lost.

 For twenty-seven years, we have had children in the house. I have to admit, that I DID NOT like it!!! The thought of not having any of my children at home, brings tears to my eyes.  I need a kleenex...sniff, sniff! I am such a wimp!!

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  1. This is not an easy transition, to see your children leave the nest. For a parent, it is difficult, but for the children, it's very necessary. I will send good vibes in your direction :)

  2. Hi Mary Mur

    Thanks for stopping by. Come by anytime for a visit!