Sunday, April 17, 2011

the dugout.... is already fuller now than this time last year. The level has come up almost double since the warmer temperatures have arrived. We have been planting trees since we moved here five years ago, they get watered constantly through the summer months. The dugout also supplies  water  for my vegetable garden, and the two cattle waterers. With the lack of rain and spring run-off the past two years, we were getting a bit worried about our water source.

Shyguy was giving Frank a heart attack for running on the dugout tonight. Just to the right in the photo,  is where the ice is the thinnest. The ice is the thinnest here because of the aeration unit.

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  1. He looks like he was having a ball running out there! But I understand the panic. Our Pug loves giving us mild to severe panic attacks every now and then!