Friday, April 1, 2011

fashion diva

I am getting tired of being dressed like this.....

I think I am ready to be dressed like this.....

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  1. Ah, yes, country chic.

    I'm about ready for the shorts and crocs too.

    Spring is coming!

  2. You should see my clothing when I stand by my easel, painting. You'd be horrified :)

  3. Of course our weather's headed the other way here.
    From a month ago in shorts and t-shirts, now to jeans and t-shirts, I'll be milking in a jacket within the next month or so. Yuk, I'd rather stay in bed!

  4. I second that! My favorite day of the year is the day I can start walking out the door in what I am wearing without having to put on anything extra :)

  5. Well, I am finally in rubber boots, toque, mitts, and a button up flannel chore coat. It is an improvement.