Friday, April 22, 2011

things still need to get done, regardless of an injury

I am finding it extremely boring and frustrating, not being able to do things, that one takes for granted on a daily basis. I have learnt that even though I am right handed, I do a lot of things with my left hand. Frank has been giving me heck when he thinks that I am trying to hard to be to 'independent'. I have started to get myself dressed in the mornings. (Need to tell my girls, cover your eyes for this part. Sorry!) He was just-- molesting me too much!  I also had to start wearing sweat pants. I hate wearing them. But I was having a hard time to unbutton my britches! Pulling them up was proving difficult for me also.

Frank has been real helpful. He is such a wonderful, but pain in the ass, house bitch. However I cleaned the bathroom this morning and did a few loads of laundry. He did the dishes and vacuumed. He has been good about making meals. Tonight, though, they did the prep work and I did the cooking. 

The bruising in my hand is really start to show up. I am probably using it to much. I tried sewing on Frank Jr's curtains yesterday, that was a mistake. So I guess that project is on hold. I am still milking Misty, with one hand. She is starting to get a little impatient with me. A little bit more and more each day. My right hand is getting sore, with picking up the slack. I just might have to quit milking her.

When it comes to the rest of my chores, Frank is pretty good at helping out. However, I know he is getting a wee bit frustrated with the sheep part. Remember, Frank is bovine kind of guy!

Next week, not sure which day, but the shearers are suppose to be at the neighbours. Depending which day, they may have to come here. Frank is leaving on the 28th to go get Maddie for the weekend. I am suppose to go back to the hospital for another x-ray on the 29th. So next week should prove interesting.

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  1. Dont worry mom,Brad has to work all day and come home and do stuff around here.After my surgery he had to dress me that was fun,seeing as how I was doped up and couldnt really move.We gotta give our men credit for the things they do for us,just to try and take a load off to make our lives easier.

  2. Ok remind me to give Cass shit for signing me out and into hers lol I had no idea I was signed in under her name lol

  3. I'm of the opinion that your body will tell you how much abuse it can take.....but then sometimes frustration and a man WILL make you do way too much;))))) Been there!

  4. I think sometimes when you are independent, and if you are a farmer's wife, you are expected to do more regardless if you are laid up or not!!

  5. A request? PLEASE please change the font! I can't understand anything you are posting in the curly italic font...and am sad because I can't.

  6. Hi Compostwoman- Will take request serious. I will have a chat with daughter, and we will find a user-friendly font. Sorry about that.