Monday, April 18, 2011

vanilla extract

after two weeks

I am always investigating ways of saving money, you know being frugal or thrifty, going chemical free. And my favourite thought--why give your money to someone else for an inferior product? 

I came upon a recipe on how to make your own vanilla extract. Well, I have been wondering for years-- how does one do this? And for whatever reason three weeks ago, I stumbled upon the answer. Had I known it was so simple, I would have been doing this for years already!!  

All you need is about 10 vanilla beans split lengthwise, and a litre of vodka. My bottle didn't quite fit the litre of vodka (the bottle of vodka that Frank purchased for me was well over a litre. Don't worry the rest didn't go to waste!). You can just drop the split beans into the vodka. But the bottle that I wanted to use has a wire snap lid cork thing and a little decorative. Put the bottle in the dark for no less than three weeks and it just gets better with age. Like us women!! Gently shake the bottle once a week. The vanilla is suppose to be really good about the six month age. I also read, that you can reuse the same vanilla beans again. It just might take longer.

I got my vanilla beans from the  Vanilla Food Company. No I am not getting anything by endorsing this company. I used this company because they are Canadian and they took PayPal. 

I was impressed with my beans! They smelled yummy!!
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  1. I may have to try it. or you can give your lovley daughter a tester to use in her wedding cake......
    I bet it smells good!

  2. Ah Cassierae, it might not be ready for your wedding in June. I didn't even uncork it. I was going to wait the full six months before sneaking a sniff!

  3. Wow, that's great! Now you've got me wondering about vanilla beans - where they grow and how!

  4. Really cool! Such a great idea.

  5. I am not a 100% sure, but I don't think they can grow here.

  6. If I'd known you were curious, I would have posted about this on my blog. I did it for the first time early last year with expensive beans from the grocery store. I was so impressed with the taste of my extract, that I then ordered 60 beans from somewhere in Ontario and have been handing them out with instructions to everyone. I love the vanilla!

    My first batch was with only 3 beans and turned out great. With 10, your's should be ready in less than 6 months and I would for sure reuse the beans.

    No, you can't grow the vanilla here, but if you're trying to stay local you can buy Alberta Vodka!