Friday, May 13, 2011

don't fence me in

Today, the two Franks added a electric wire to the bottom of our plank fence. The fence is to the west, and to the south of the house. Frank decided he was going to turn loose the sheep and Misty into the south paddock. But to keep the lambs and especially Lamb in, there had to be a wire added just below the bottom plank. While these two were hard at work.....

....these three,  were chill- laxin' on the quad.
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  1. Silly puppies! They look so cute in their milk crates; and of course Bear is too good to be there! And good for that Lamb! He can learn to be a sheep and not a Pom!

  2. Dad put the crates on there for rock pickin'. But you know the poms. Bear was probably laying in the shade somewhere.