Saturday, May 14, 2011

workin' like dogs

Had another busy day again today. Really I don't understand where the time goes. We have winter, and shitty weather for almost nine months of the year, and than we try squeeze all the work we possibly can into three months. We work like dogs for those three months. We try do all the building projects, yard work, gardening, haying, seeding, harvesting, calving/lambing,  etc into basically three months, just to hibernate and get fat for the other nine months. This really bites!!

Well with that all said, we did have another busy day. The tomatoe  patch is already for planting. I may have to roller till again in a few weeks. No worries. Got the rest of my front perennial bed finished weeding and the edge cut. Next time we go to town, I will get another two rolls of that lawn edging to put in. Frank hauled me a couple of bucket loads of manure from in front of the east cowshed and added it to the tomatoe patch. Frank Jr roller tilled it in for me. 

Frank got the roller tiller on the tractor, and gave the garden a once over. Tomorrow, the moon will be in the right phase for planting peas in the morning only. 

Frank also piled hay/manure in the east paddock, and did some harrowing in there. Soon he will do the harrowing in the south paddock in front of the waterer. 

Young Frank has an older Ford pick-up truck that he wanted to bomb around in th fields with. The other day, on the half moon piece he had stopped by the beaver pond, and the ole truck wouldn't start again for him. There it sits. Today, he decided that he would walk out there and see if he could get it started. The half moon piece, looks like half a moon from the aerial photo, it is a little over a 3/4 mile from the home quarter. That is also the area that Frank had seen that big ole papa bear. About 1.30 ish today, Frank was getting worried about the boy. (Young Frank left about 11.30 am.) So, he and I hopped on to the quad to go look for Frank Jr. Well we found him and three of the Pomeranians, walking back from the half moon piece. We own almost 900 acres of land. Only approximately 320 acres is open. The rest is trees. Bears and wolves love our property. We back on to miles of crown land. We are fairly isolated. Which we all love. Sometimes I could go deeper into the bush, away from humanity. One can dream.

The three of us, and all four Pomeranians decided we would go check out the creek and the beaver pond. The creek and beaver pond is located on our south-west quarter.  The bush in the distance, is still our land. Frank has investigated it, but I haven't. This area of our land is so quiet, and so serene. I think it has to be one of my favourite spots on this place. Our deed says that the Queen, at any time, at her leisure, may come visit her creek. The creek  is to the west (right) of this photo. Frank and I always joke that we should send her invite to come check her creek out. But there wouldn't be any red carpet.

We had alot of neighbours stop in today, too. Which is different. I love the series, the Waltons. One particular episode, Olivia (the mother) is telling Erin (the daughter) that by having everyday the same, makes the day more special when something that happens out of the ordinary all that more special. To me that was today. Yes, we worked like dogs, but having those breaks when the neighbours were stopping in to borrow Vitamins off of you, or purchasing eggs, or asking if you had extra time, do mine helping me to build a deck or barn, all that more special and appreciative. It just breaks the routine up a bit. I enjoyed the mini breaks with the neighbours. 

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  1. I have to agree with Olivia in the Waltons. Sounds like your getting a lot done. My garden is finally in now and I just hope we don't get a hard frost.

  2. I was gonna invite the queen to the wedding lol just more so for the little reply they send lol

  3. Lots of work around your house. I'm glad that your neighbours are friendly, and you have the chance to chat with them.

  4. Hi Linda- glad to hear that your garden is in. I plant by the moon, and so it takes me awhile to get her in. Last year we had snow May long weekend, so I am probably doggin her this year with the garden.

    Hi Olga-It seems like there is always a rush in May/June to get a lot of outdoor projects done. And I am trying to get a jump on some weeding! The people here are great. The pioneer spirit is still alive.