Friday, May 13, 2011

perennial bed

I know, I am suppose to be "resting" my left hand, to give it a chance to heal, which I haven't been doing. I have been cleaning up my front flowerbed. I, no sooner had it all nice and neat, the chickens came along and messed up my new edge, and unearth the new shrubs I had planted. I had gone in the house for about ten minutes, and those buzzards came along and ruined my work. I hate doing the same job twice! I was somewhat pissed off.

So, as you can see the soil is all over the grass, and my edge looks awful. The chickens have since been sentence to solitary confinement to their chicken coop yard. 

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  1. thanks Cass! You also did a good job on my blog. Thanks for the update, Sweetie!