Friday, May 13, 2011

just like sand through and hour glass, so are the days of my life...

I can't believe how fast the weeks fly by. I am starting to believe that the older I get, the faster time is speeding up.

The past two weeks have been kind of busy. I did a dry cure on some of my pork belly-you know that part that is suppose to be bacon. It tastes good. I am going to try and smoke my next batch using the bar-b-que.

I have also started a batch of potatoe wine. I have never made potatoe wine. It smells good, so far. Last fall I had made apple wine, and it turned out great. The apple wine is a dry white wine, and the alcohol content is about 10%. We racked the potatoe wine tonight. In a few weeks I will put it into mason jars, and wait six months before we can sample it. I also want to make dandelion wine, and rhubarb wine this summer. 

Frank Jr and I went to Fairview on Wednesday and purchased grass seed off of a farmer out that way. Fairview is about one and half hours drive from the farm. It makes for along day. Especially when you head into Peace River the same day! We left about 10.30 and we never got home until after 6 pm. I was nackard.

We have been buying grass seed off of Jerry now for about four years. We are trying to establish some pastures were Frank has cleared land, or has plowed old areas. But if it doesn't rain, it is like throwing away your money and there goes another year wasted.

Tuesday, when Frank was seeding oats he saw  a big ole papa bear. Frank Jr, was picking rocks yesterday and he saw the tracks of a bear. I haven't seen a bear yet.

Last week Frank had enough of Lamb hanging around the house. And he took action. He strung up a electric wire below the bottom plank, same thing he did on the plank fence around the yard. I think it only took the once for Lamb to learn, that he could no longer go under the fence to escape. I felt bad for him. 

I am concerned however, about the sheep being in the south paddock. Monday, and Wednesday morning, there was a coyote in the paddock, making his way westward. All the critters didn't like him being there. Frank said if the coyote came around again, he would fire off a few shots over his head. We won't kill the coyotes or the wolves unless we absolutely have to. So far, in the five years of being here, we haven't had to take that action.

The kittens that were born up in the loft of the tractor house have been moved into the barn. There mamas moved them Wednesday. I have a lady that might be interested in a couple of them. I guess she has a mouse problem in her holiday trailer.

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  1. I've never heard of potato wine. Interesting. The photo of the kitties is so cute.

  2. Dandelion wine sounds very romantic. I can see that you are very busy with all your animals that demand your care and attention. The last photo is so adorable :)

  3. I have never made either wine, so looking forward to see how both turn out. Now, if only the dandelions would start showing their little yellow faces!!

    The kittens are so cute when they are little. I would keep a couple of them, if I didn't already have nine adult cats! These sweet little ones were so scared that they were cowering in the corner of the box.

  4. well come on out here ma we have tons of dandelions poppin up everywhere