Saturday, June 11, 2011


Well I think I am done cutting the lawn until we get some sort of moisture. The grass crunches under my feet when I walk across it. There are dandelion stems with their fuzzy heads everywhere in the farmyard. Neighbours have commented "There are sure a lot of dandelions" I always reply "Yep! And my crop is doing exceptionally well this year. I had more than enough to make some wine."

On the 25th of June, our middle daughter, Cassierae is getting married. Her bachelorette party is on the 18th. We are heading to Grande Prairie, I am hoping early. I still haven't found anything to wear to her wedding. I hate shopping. If I could go in my flip flops or bare feet, a baggy t-shirt, and my favourite pair of jean capris, I would be happy as pig in shit. But she won't let me. Hubby says that I should wear a dress. Problem is I can't find one that suits my body, and makes me feel comfortable wearing it. I did find a dress, only to find out that mother of the groom bought the same one. So I sent that dress back! This is stressing me out! I don't like be stressed! I would rather stay home!!

If all goes well, and I happen to find some sort of sack to wear, than we are heading into British Columbia. On the 23rd, Jeff is meeting us in Quesnel so I can have Austin. Than make our back to Grande Prairie on the 24th for rehearsals. The wedding starts on Saturday at 1pm. Cassie couldn't get the JP any later, because she was booked solid. And we should be home the following day. I hope!!

I have asked and hired a local girl, Kaitlyn, to come check on the animals once a day. She would need to gather the eggs everyday, and feed the chickens. Plus there is the Poms that need to be fed, and all of these cats!!  I have only managed to give one kitten away! I still have 11 to go. Somehow, I don't see any of them leaving! And I mustn't forget about George! George will need feeding and watering while I am away.

We need to move the livestock around before we leave, too.  My sheep are running out of pasture, I am hoping what they have will last until Thursday. We will have to move the cows into the west field. That field is suppose to be a hay field, but I am going to have to use for pasture.  The sheep will be moved to the South Paddock. This also will make things easier for Kaitlyn to find the critters, and she won't have to go bush whacking to find the cattle. Jim, our closest neighbour was over this morning for a very interesting, and awesome visit!! Conversations/ discussions with Jim is always enlightening. I asked him if he wouldn't mind checking in while we were gone.

Frank is home tomorrow, so I think getting the camper on the truck is on the agenda. Than I get can it cleaned and stocked. This is going to be interesting. The camper is from the late 70's and the truck we bought last November is a dually. Should be very interesting getting the camper on!! I will try and take photos--I think a tractor is going to be involved!!!  That is the redneck way!!

I have been watering my veggie garden, and raspberry patch. Frank has been watering all the trees that we have been planting since we moved here, five years ago. We didn't bother to plant any trees this spring, because the trees would probably just die.

Next Thursday, Miss Dolly should be coming into her cycle. And I need to get her AI. I am going to have a busy week!!

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  1. I hate having to wear a dress let alone trying to find one that is in the least bit comfortable (sigh). Hope you have good weather for the wedding.

  2. Cassie has been checking the weather everyday for updates. Mind you if I am stuck wearing a dress and it is a bit on the cooler side, might make it a wee bit more tolerable!!

  3. Well as of now the weather is going to be thunder storm!!! but on the good side it'll be +20

  4. Congratulations on your daughter's wedding. I know it's a big challenge to find an outfit for a special event. But then you'll have so much fun wearing it :)

  5. I assume it was a rainy wedding day but I sure hope you guys got some of all that rain. I know you needed it even more than we did.

    Hope all went and is well.

  6. Hi Jerry

    It did rain on their parade. Cassierae wanted an outdoor wedding, it was indoors. But in the end it didn't matter.

    We now have had about a foot of rain. Dugout is overflowing.