Thursday, July 28, 2011


Frank Jr works part-time for a neighbour. Harry is 60 or 61, still working full time, and trying to have a small farm. Heni, Harry's wife also works full time. Crazy. They work evenings and try to farm during the day. Anyways, they finally have taken a well deserved break. It probably helps that they have family visiting from Holland! They went to visit other relatives and to show some sites to the visiting relatives for a week. Frank Jr, has been going over there twice a day, to feed and water the goats and to check on the sheep and cows.

Harry asked me to milk his little nanny goat. 

The milk from this little girl help feed two kids. This is the very time in my life that I have ever milked a goat. I couldn't get over, how smooth her teats were. So unlike Misty.

Frank pitchin hay to some of the goats. The little one following him, is one of the kids that get bottle fed.

He is so cute!!

They never stay where they are suppose to!! 

Frank feeding his kids.

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  1. aawww he's such a proud daddy lmao.Mom its wierd seeing you milkin somethin besides a cow.