Monday, July 25, 2011

Little Bear and Mushrooms

Instead of heading back to the garden to pull weeds, like a good girl should have done, I went mushroom picking. I was heading to Frank's favourite spot, on the East side of the dugout. I look back towards the dugout and the house.  Ah, I just thought it warranted a photo. It didn't turn out to bad, eh?

Back to mushroom picking. 

I was after these little beauties. Boletes. We have picked and ate alot of these this summer. The past few years have not been kind to our favourite past-time of foraging for Boletes. But this past month with all the rain, has really made these babies pop their heads up.

After cleaning them all--need to cut out the wormy bits--some will get fried with supper and the others I can. I will show you in another post how I do it.

Little Bear came mushroom picking with me. 

I found a few of these mushrooms growing everywhere. I looked in my book but I can't figure out kind of 'shroom it is. If any of you have an idea, please let me know.

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  1. I adore picking mushrooms. All my childhood, I would go hunting for mushrooms with my parents and grandparents. These memories are wonderful, even though we had to get up at dawn. I am absolutely positive that, on the last photo, the mushrooms are poisonous. I don't know the name, but be careful.

  2. Hi Olga

    Yeah, I left that mushroom where I found it. It looked pretty cool. I think that mushroom just makes for a wonderful picture.