Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Postcards from......

My Dearest friend:

How are you all doing? I am doing fine. It has been a busy past four weeks. I know four weeks!!! Where on Earth has the time gone?!

There have been a few changes here on the farm. Like what you ask?  I finally nagged the husband enough,- which by the way I hate doing, but if it gets results!!--that he added a window to the henhouse.

Now the girls aren't a 100% in the dark all the time.

On June 18th, we got ready for eight days away from home. I know. I don't know how I handled it!! I can't stand being away from home for a day.  I barely survived!!  We headed to Grande Prairie for Cassierae's bachelorette party.

The next morning we headed out to beautiful British Columbia!!!

I really enjoy stopping at Bijou Falls. The Bijoux Falls are located on Highway 97 north of McLeod Lake.  I guess Bijoux means jewel in French. 

This area is the home of the Stellar Jay. Which I didn't get any photos of this time around. But I found this picture on the net.

We headed west on Highway 97 until we got to the town of Burns Lake, BC. Another pretty town. 

Downtown Burns Lake. The streets aren't exactly straight. There are two different stories that we heard why the streets aren't straight. One was the surveyor was never sober when he did his job. The other was, that cows would never move out of his way, so he just surveyed their trail.

From Burns Lake we head South on Highway 35 to Francois Lake. Which by the way, is the geographical centre of BC!! And happens to be the second longest natural lake in the province. But Francois Lake was not our destination. Oosta Lake was. We could have driven all the way around the lake, but the husband insisted that we cross on the ferry. Which he has done in the past and he wanted to share that experience with me. Did I mention the water was a little rough? Did I also mention that I get sick on rough water? Yeah the husband didn't give a shit either. 

It takes approximately twenty minutes to cross the lake to get to the Southbank. I did not get out of the truck! I did not stare very long at the scenery. But I managed to hang onto my stomach contents long enough to snap a few photos.

However, the boys were more adventurous than I was. Plus their stomachs stayed put!!

This is looking East.
This is looking East. The Stelako River drains from the lake on the East end.

The view to the West. 
The Nadina River empties into Francois Lake in the West end. I did enjoy the views from the safety and comfort of the truck cab!

Once we docked and unloaded on the Southbank side, we made our way to Grassyplains. We had lunch at the little country store/restaurant. The food was very good, and price was very cheap!! The ladies there were very neighbourly!!

But our destination beckon to us. We were on the road again. Heading further south to Oosta Lake. Oosta Lake is a man made lake. They, being the government of the day, in 1952 decided to flood the area, which combines a few smaller lakes. The water is used to supply water to an aluminum smelter at Kitimat. Lots of controversy around this flooding. But it makes for a beautiful place to view.

Oosta Lake in the morning. Isn't it gorgeous?

Nechako Reservoir. The roar off of the water was loud. We were howler-ling at each other just to be heard.

We couldn't get any reception standing on the ground. Frank hand to climb on top of the camper so he could get cell service. With him standing on the roof of this ole camper, led it to leak when it rained!

Boys will be boys. Had try to out do each other skipping rocks on the lake.

I insist, just because we are camping, doesn't mean we have to smell like we are!!

Well that is all for now. This postcard home is a little long. I shall send another one soon. 
Hugs and kisses!!!

to be continued......

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  1. The ferry is not that bad! And Burns Lake is not a pretty town! Too many trees! Wherever you looked there's just trees, trees and more trees!