Friday, July 22, 2011

Postcards from...

My dearest friends....

The next day was the gift opening. While we all were waiting for it to start, the youngest two grand-daughters found a mud puddle. Well. Really. With all that water, it was just to much of a temptation for them. they got bathed in the janitor room of the hall. Must say that is a first for me and them! 

Cassierae rinsed and washed their clothes in a tub, and dried their clothes on the cement.

Cassierae had asked for a griddle, and that is what we got for them. 

We arrived home that evening about seven in the evening. We put about 3300 kms on in the eight days that we were gone. I came home to foot tall grass, and the weeds had moved into the garden and took over. The nieghbours told us that we had about seven inches of rain during the time we were gone. I am still playing catch up. And it has rained almost everyday since.

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  1. Oh my. Looks like your two girls had a grand ole time. Hee hee.

    PS - I'd like some rain.

  2. Roles are reversed! May/June no rain for me, rain for you. Now you have all the sun and I have none. Today's temperature is again 10 above. Ugh!!!! We are bundle up like it is September!!