Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Postcards from....part two

My Dearest friend:

After having the Oosta Lake campgrounds to ourselves-which by the way is always a good thing! Peace and quiet! It's like I never left home! We were on the road again. We had to cross the Francois Lake again. This time the lake was pristine! Not nary a ripple except for what the ferry created. However, I still didn't got out of the truck!

We headed back east towards the city of Prince George. There we hung a right and headed south. Our destination was the historical town of Barkerville.

The  government in 1950s had the foresight to recognise the significance of this town and it is was declared a historical site in 1958 for British Columbia's Continental.  Barkerville was, and for that matter still, is a gold town. Most of the buildings here are over a hundred years old. A few are replicas, but for the most part, are the originals. The town is exactly the same as it was in the 1860s.

A visitor can look 'back' inside each of these buildings. The time frame covered is from 1860's through to 1880s. 

The smitty's name is Mike. We had a good visit with him a few years ago. And he still remembered us when we visited this time. It helps that what we talked about the first time was Jerseys. When I asked him if he and his wife purchased one yet, made the memory light bulb go off. FYI they still hadn't.

The good folks that work here are dressed in period costume. Most 'stay' in character all day! 

Others also re-enact important issues that pertained to the people that once lived here.

the drugstore---it took me a few seconds to realise this is a mannequin and not a period actor.

A couple of years ago, when we first  visited Barkerville, we fell in love with the place! Young Frank was asked he if wanted a job working in one of the mines. The gentleman told Frank that he could have all the potatoes he could eat as part of his wage. Young Frank was so shy, that he really couldn't 'play' along. But the 'residents' try to draw you into their world. It is a wonderful place to visit. I found a short clip describing the humble beginnings of Barkerville here.

We camped at one of the campgrounds outside of Barkerville. We were fortunate enough to snag the same campsite we had a few years back.

We headed south on highway 97 and than hung a left at 100 Mile House, cut across country to Little Fort. There we had an important 'package' to pick up. We met up with the ex son-in-sin, to get our oldest grand-daughter Austin. Jeff drove up from Kelowna to save us a lot of time. The date is now June 23, and the wedding is on June 25th. The dress rehearsal and hall decorating on the 24th. And we were still many hours away from Grande Prairie.

We spent the night in BC's provincial park of Mt. Robson. This is the first time we camped near the biffies and the playground. But since we had a little one with one with us, we thought it would be a lot easier. It rained that night---remember Frank standing on the camper?

Yeah-- needless to say, my side was wet!!!!!

We left the next morning and made our way to Grande Prairie. We headed east on Highway 16. When the  sign to Alberta welcomed us, it was a bittersweet feeling.

 Don't get me wrong. I am a Alberta girl to the core, but there is something to be said about the fauna in BC. I miss seeing the ditches full of mountain ash, and the cedars inter mingled with the spruce and deciduous trees. Don't have that here!! The growing zone was more to my liking also. Anything beats a zone 1b!!!

We got to Cassierae's and Mike's about five in the afternoon.We found only Mike and Ben at home. Everybody else was already at the hall. (Okay, to be honest here. We would have been in Grande Prairie a lot sooner, but we drove to Hinton. We still hadn't bought the kids a wedding gift, so went to the Canadian Tire there. Than we grabbed a few groceries at the local Safeway, and of course we had to do a beer run!)

It rained all weekend!! Off and on. Remember the phone call? Yes I realise I had mentioned it earlier! Late nights, early mornings, and a wet bed. Made me miss my bed at home all the more.  

Again this postcard is long. I will write soon. Hugs and kisses. be continued.....

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  1. That sign always makes me feel good when I see it. As soon as I see it, it's HOME SWEET HOME!! My lovely province of various biomes. And prairies. And I forgot about the blacksmith! Did you tell him we still have the dragonfly he made you?

  2. No I didn't mention to Mike about the dragonfly. I wanted to, but it just never came up in conversation.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post. Now I know what happens in your life. Send a little bit of rain to Toronto please :)

  4. I'd love to see Barkerville. One day...

    Sounds like you guys had a really nice trip. Always nice to be home again, too.

  5. It was nice to get away, but it is always better to come home!!