Saturday, August 13, 2011

happy birthday

Today I celebrated my birthday. I am not shy about my age. I turned forty-seven. Somedays, I feel like I am in my twenties. Other days, I feel like I am well into my seventies! 

Frank Jr,  has been working for the neighbour making hay. He had another break down, so he was home about 3.30 pm. He took over raking for me at that time, so I could process my beets. About five he headed into Manning and purchased for me, the above cake, and a gift (popcorn popper).  There was no one in the bakery section to add wording to the cake for him. I told Frank Jr, that it is ok. It makes it more memorable.

I made for supper, the above meal. Everything, and I mean everything was off of the farm. I think that was the best gift for me. Fresh spuds, I made into fries, deep-fried in the lard that I rendered last fall. Rib steaks are from the beef we butchered this spring. Carrots, zucchini and dill are also from the garden. The butter, I made through winter. And of course, my apple wine that I made last fall. What more can a girl ask for?

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  1. Happy birthday Cheryl!

    I've got to say, I wish I had someone nearby that could teach me all the things you know how to do.

  2. Thanks, Liz, for the birthday wishes.

    I just read, research, and ask alot of questions and I just try. Sometimes I succeed the first time out of the gate, other times I fail. I just plug away at it.

  3. Oh, dinner looks so good, and everything sounds delicious!

  4. I get such satisfaction from eating meals that I/we raised or grew, or made. I have been striving for that since I was a teenager. It has and still is a work in progress.

    My boys ate till they were stuffed!!

  5. Happy belated Birthday! I hope it's not too late to say this :) I can't remember how old I am at all :) Isn't it convenient?

  6. I sometimes I forget too!! Frank Jr tried aging me by four years! I quickly corrected him.Not that I am afraid of getting older. But I decided once I hit 50, I shall conveniently forget what year I was born!!

  7. That's an awesome accomplishment to be able to grow/make/raise everything you ate. That would be my goal as well, but not living on a farm creates problems with the dairy and meat side of things. You've done really well!